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Supporting the Whole Student

Milford School District is committed to supporting each child's social, emotional, and cognitive skills.  In order for a child to live a full life as a caring, creative, resilient adult, we must build connections between the complexity of student needs and a broad range of instructional and social emotional supports.

Goal 1: Streamline and provide clear communication on the availability of student supports district-wide.
Strategy 1: Formalize and maintain a plan for vertical alignment of student supports available across all schools.
Strategy 2: Utilize the District Wellness Committee to coordinate and communicate supports for students across the district.
Strategy 3: Communicate identified district resources on many platforms to foster increased engagement with students and families.

Goal 2: Ensure services are matched with needs (ie; social-emotional health, attendance, and safety in school and in the community).
Strategy 1: Student Support Team (SST) members are identified in each school to serve as ambassadors, acting as a liaison to district staff and families by facilitating two-way communication.
Strategy 2: Utilize best practices in conducting ongoing Student Support Team meetings to review data, discuss services, and coordinate necessary support.

Goal 3: Maintain current supports with regularly scheduled re-evaluation to adjust based on student and community needs and input.
Strategy 1: Conduct quarterly administrative reviews to maintain alignment between resources and student needs.
Strategy 2: Establish accountability with providers to create positive outcomes and fidelity for service implementation.

Goal 4: Maintain safe, supportive, and orderly learning environments throughout each school.
Strategy 1: Consistent application of Student Code of Conduct across all schools.
Strategy 2: Routine safety drills in collaboration with designated safety officials.
Strategy 3: Foster current and future partnerships with local and state police agencies and designated staff to monitor the safety and security of all schools.