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Empowering and Investing in Our People

Milford School District is driven by the collective group of individuals that serve our students.  In order for Milford to thrive in the coming years, the district must invest in the talents and skills of the present and future support staff, teachers, and administrators.  Milford must work strategically to support each other to continue to meet the needs of the students, schools, and community.

Goal 1: Recruit a high quality, diverse, and professional staff.
Strategy 1: Develop a comprehensive branding and marketing plan to promote Milford as a desirable place to work and live.
Strategy 2: Review staff demographic and hiring data to ensure recruitment of a diverse workforce, evaluate teacher turnover, and identify areas of need.

Goal 2: Develop a high quality, diverse, and professional staff.
Strategy 1: Provide ongoing and meaningful professional development to engage and challenge all staff to continue to grow professionally.
Strategy 2: Develop relationships among staff members to provide ongoing mentoring and support.
Strategy 3: Implement collaborative tools that facilitate cross-curricular collaboration and create opportunities for educators from different subject areas, grades, and buildings to work together on projects, instructional activities, and collaborative educational initiatives.

Goal 3: Retain a high quality, diverse, and professional staff.
Strategy 1: Retain employees by expressing appreciation and fostering a robust support system.
Strategy 2: Provide competitive pay, staff support structures, and benefits.
Strategy 3: Foster a culture of feedback among educators to promote continuous improvement and collaboration for additional staff support.