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Bus Guidelines

1. Riding a bus is a privilege.
2. Bus drivers have the right to assign seats.
3. Each school is responsible for bus discipline. Students must adhere to the same code of conduct as they would in their classrooms. Parents should refer to the student code of conduct contained in their student handbook regarding discipline offenses and actions the school may take for violations.
4. Students may be required to walk up to ½ mile to a bus stop, regardless of the age of the child or the presence of sidewalks. (DE State Regulations)
5. Students should be at the bus stop 15 minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival time, and stand at a location that is safe and clearly visible to the bus driver. The bus will not “honk” and/or wait for students, regardless of the weather or time of year. The parent/guardian is responsible for getting their child(ren) to school if they miss the bus.
6. Bus times can fluctuate as much as 15 minutes either way, even during the school year, due to traffic, traffic lights, stop signs, road construction, etc., and even more in inclement weather.
7. When boarding the bus, students should go directly to his/her seat.
8. The bus aisle must be kept clear at all times for safety reasons. Book bags must be in the student’s lap or under the seat. Depending on space availability, large musical instruments, athletic equipment, or school projects may not be permitted on the bus.
9. Parents will be required to pay for any damage done to the bus by their student

10. Students will be picked up and dropped off at their designated stops only. Notes to ride with another student or to another location will not be accepted at any school.
11. Parents should limit conversations with the bus driver at the bus stop because this action will disrupt the bus schedule and could result in the students arriving late for school.
12. On no occasion should any unauthorized person (i.e. anyone other than assigned students) board the bus. The appropriate authorities may be contacted.
13. Milford School District cannot allow students to be picked up or dropped off at different locations throughout the week, or from one week to another. Your child may be picked up at daycare and dropped off at home, or vice versa, but it must remain the same every day. (DE State Regulations)
14. An adult must be at the stop to receive all children grades PreK – K or your child may be returned to her/his school for parent pick-up.
15. Video cameras are installed on the buses to help monitor and promote appropriate behavior.
Our mission is to provide safe transportation to Milford’s students and support the educational functions and school activities of the Milford School District.