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Student Learning

Educational Excellence for the Success of All Students

The mission of the Milford School District is to ensure that all students receive a comprehensive, personalized and quality education in a safe, supportive learning environment where students can gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that will enable each of them to achieve success in their life pursuits.

In order to help meet our mission, Milford School District is committed to providing our students with a standards based instructional experience that has them highly engaged in the learning process and demonstrates rigor in content. We work to provide learning experiences that support our student’s development in the following:  

  •         Communicating effectively
  •         Collaborate as a team member
  •         Plan, organize, and prioritize their work
  •         Support creative problem solving and decisions
  •         Obtain and process information from a variety of resources

We believe these skills will assist our students in working toward their future goals!

Student Learning Staff Directory

Dr. Kelly Carvajal Hageman

Titles: Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Bobbie Kilgore

Titles: Supervisor of Instruction

Ilianny Abad

Titles: Dual Language Immersion Specialist

Dr. Kathleen Bowski

Titles: Student Learning Specialist

Sharlitta Gilbert

Titles: Student Learning Specialist, Language Acquisition Programs

Alexandra March

Titles: Instructional Technology Specialist

Cathy Rios

Titles: Technology Support Specialist

Sharon Smith

Titles: Financial Secretary

Karen Warner

Titles: Math and Science Specialist