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Milford Middle School Committee

MMS Committee Essential Purpose:

Evaluate MMS building and grounds and make recommendations regarding future use relative to the educational needs of the district and overall benefit for the community.

MMS Committee Objectives:

  • Evaluate the Milford Middle School building and grounds
  • Determine what can be kept as value from the Milford Middle School property
  • Preserve the educational and community value of the property
  • Clearly communicate the value of the Milford Middle School property to the community
  • Determine future usage of the property
  • Develop a plan that allows the property to be a valuable community asset
  •  Preserve a positive identity of the property
  • Provide means for community feedback and input
  • Maintain trust and positive relationship with the community

Role of MMS Committee Members:

  • Maintain trust of the community
  • Assess all possibilities regarding the property
  • Contribute positively to discussion and scope of work
  • Offer suggestions and brainstorm ideas
  • Provide constructive feedback to suggestions and ideas presented
  • Evaluate needs, studies, surveys and information gathered
  • Respect differing viewpoints and opinions of committee and community
  • Help develop and recommend plan(s) and solutions for consideration by the Milford School District
  • Facility subgroup – provide and present resources, data, evaluations, documents and other MMS building and grounds information to the Steering Committee

Milford Middle School (Lakeview Property) Committee

Steering Committee:

  • Bill Strickland – Chair
  • Margaux Azzanesi
  • Michael Boyle
  • Molly Chorman
  • Yvette Dennehy
  • Kevin Dickerson
  • Frederick Duffy
  • Garrett Grier
  • Gloria Markowitz
  • Lang Redden
  • Rob Rescigno
  • Bryan Shupe              
  • Jeanel Starling                                               
  • Robert Voshell
  • Jean Wylie

Facility Subgroup:

  • Garrett Grier – Chair
  • Sara Croce
  • Ronald Evans
  • Dwayne Hendricks
  • Glen Stevenson
  • David Weaver

Important Documents and Presentations