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Building Our Future

The Greater Milford Community is growing and the district must plan and prepare for the impact of increased student enrollment at every level.  Our community will continue to evolve and our students need to be equipped to thrive.  The district must have modern learning facilities that are not only safe and secure, but provide adequate space and resources to support and foster student achievement at every level.  The district is committed to ensuring transparency and engagement with the community through a user friendly website and other digital communication tools.

Goal 1: Develop a 5 year plan that ensures Milford School District facilities, infrastructure, transportation, and technology are prepared for increased enrollment and modern learning environments.
Strategy 1: Develop a communication plan that garners community buy-in and support to understand the plans for future growth and the need for continued investment.
Strategy 2: Study grade level configurations and building capacities to provide the best learning environments for students.
Strategy 3: Maintain a technology replacement cycle with ongoing evaluation of best resources to support student achievement.

Goal 2: Maintain an ongoing facility evaluation reviewing safety, security, and physical environments.
Strategy 1: Foster community relationships to coordinate focused efforts towards safety throughout the Milford school-community.
Strategy 2: On-going evaluation and maintenance of facilities to provide a modern and secure environment for students and staff.
Strategy 3: Proactive safety training and routine drills with evaluation of policies, procedures, and infrastructure to provide safety for all.

Goal 3: Effective communication through multiple platforms to ensure transparency and connections with all stakeholders.
Strategy 1: Maintain district website with up to date information and resources.
Strategy 2: Evaluate and research current communication platforms to expand the ways the district is able to provide and receive information.
Strategy 3: Translate communications into multiple languages so all students and families can provide and receive information successfully.

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