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Building Our Future

The Greater Milford Community is growing and the district must plan and prepare for the impact of increased student enrollment at every level.  Our community will continue to evolve and our students need to be equipped to thrive.  The district must have modern learning facilities that are not only safe and secure, but provide adequate space and resources to support and foster student achievement at every level.  The district is committed to ensuring transparency and engagement with the community through a user friendly website and other digital communication tools.

Present Projects

Milford Middle School front
  • No Tax Increase

  • Demolition to be complete January 2024

  • Bids awarded for remainder of construction

  • Naming committee to convene and present name options Feb. 2024

2023-2024 School Year Upgrades:

  • Morris ECC - Playground replacement

  • Banneker Elementary School -  Building Window replacement

  • Banneker Elementary School - HVAC and Chiller Replacement

Past Projects

  • Mispillion and Lulu Ross Playground Equipment Upgrades (completed 2023)
  • Milford High School - Gymnasium remodel and bleacher replacement
  • Milford High School - Building-wide HVAC upgrades and replacements
  • Milford High School Turf Field Replacements
  • Lulu M. Ross Elementary School - Replacement of Playground Equipment

Future Projects

Building our Future Committee to begin February 2024.  Interested in joining?  Fill out the form here!
  • Identify and discuss district needs
  • Map out a project timeline
Milford High School
  • Major Renovation and Addition Certificate of Necessity
Professional Development/Administrative Services Office