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Annual ACCESS Parent Notification

January 10, 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child is currently enrolled in the school’s English Language Development Program as a Multilingual learner. Every year, students who are eligible for enrollment in multilingual learner programs take the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs assessment to measure English language proficiency. This annual assessment is required to be given by Federal and State requirements to all students who qualify for programming as a multilingual learner, even if participation in the program was declined by the parent/guardian.

WIDA ACCESS for ELLs measures your child’s level of English language proficiency in listening, reading, speaking and writing. The test is typically taken on the computer, but your child might take parts of the test on paper. Each year, around June, the results of the assessment will be shared with you so that you can see how your child’s English proficiency is developing.
When a student has reached a proficiency level of 4.7 or greater on this annual assessment, the student will be exited from the multilingual learner program and will no longer be required to participate in this assessment.

For the 2022-2023 school year, the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs assessment will take place between February 1 and March 17. Please make sure that your child attends school during this time. If your child will be leaving the country during this time, or unable to attend school for any reason, it is very important to notify the school in advance. If your child is unable to come to school during this timeframe for any reason, please contact your child’s ML teacher.

Please contact Sharlitta Gilbert or your child’s ML teacher if you would like additional information.
Sharlitta Gilbert
Student Learning Specialist for Multilingual Learners
302.503.9542 ext. 135
School ML Teacher(s) School phone
Morris Early Childhood

Yvette Dennehy

Darian Mitchell

Banneker elementary Remonda Eskaros 302-422-1630
Mispillion Elementary Charlene Phillips 302-424-5800
Ross Elementary

Montessa Brooks

Tristin Brannan

Milford Central Academy

Beatriz Castro Sandoval

Deborah Giles

Milford high school

Ed Evans

Gerardo Vargas