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Academic Excellence

Milford strives to appropriately challenge each student by providing rigorous instructional materials and high-quality instructional strategies.  This combination supports our efforts to ensure equitable access to academic excellence in every school.

Goal 1: Demonstrate consistent growth in student proficiency scores across all content areas.
Strategy 1: Review, develop, and implement strategies to address gaps in student outcomes between various subgroup.
Strategy 2: Implement professional development for staff to address challenges in student achievement.
Strategy 3: Maintain Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) with fidelity ensuring early intervention.

Goal 2: Guarantee that students across all grade levels have access to high quality instructional materials aligned with a grade reporting system that reflects the attainment of standards and an appropriate level of rigor.
Strategy 1: Routine review of curriculum materials at all grade levels to determine replacement cycles to maintain alignment and best practices.
Strategy 2: Provide ongoing support and professional development to all staff to maximize effectiveness of curriculum resources.
Strategy 3: Review student data on a regular basis to identify areas where achievement targets have not been met.

Goal 3: Increase the number of students who graduate on time and successfully transition into employment, trade or post-secondary education through their involvement in Career and Technical Education and higher level coursework.
Strategy 1: Support ongoing partnerships with the local business community and colleges and universities to foster
college and/or career readiness.
Strategy 2: Monitor student data and identify students who are not on track to graduate and provide direct interventions to improve student outcomes.
Strategy 3: Ongoing evaluation of student program options to make certain that students have the best opportunities for post-secondary success.