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Our District

Our mission: To provide all learners a comprehensive, individualized education in a safe, supportive, rigorous environment where learners are prepared to grow and thrive in a global society.

Our vision: Milford School District students will be prepared with the attributes, knowledge, and skills to fulfill their life pursuits

Our goals are clear: we aspire to be a district of schools that are pillars in our communities, where students can achieve big dreams, where families and community members feel welcomed and respected, and where staff is supported and appreciated as they guide students to their highest potential.

Strategic Plan 2023-2028: Charting the Course to Excellence

Core Beliefs

We believe... the foundation of excellence is rooted in an academically rigorous curriculum, supportive instruction, and high expectations for each learner.
We believe... in ensuring that each student has equitable access to the appropriate resources and supports to thrive.
We believe... in the mindset that improvement is always possible and mistakes are learning opportunities
We believe... honoring each individual's identity, opinions, and dignity leads to a sense of belonging for each member of the school community.
We believe... the district's partnerships with families and community are integral to the success of our students and community at large.
We believe... the arts, extra-curriculars, and co-curricular activities are integral components of a well-rounded education, fostering much personal growth.

Portrait of a Buccaneer

Problem Solving

Milford students will be equipped to find the best possible solutions to simple and complex challenges.

Communication Skills

Milford students will listen and communicate in a clear and effective manner to a range of audiences.

Team Building

Milford students will work collaboratively with diverse groups of people to reach common goals and success.


Milford students will demonstrate compassion as they consider the perspective of others to better the community.

Work Ethic

Milford students will persevere and put forth their best effort to complete tasks understanding that it will often take multiple attempts.


Meet the Milford School District Leadership Team (pictured from left to right):

Dr. Sara Hale (Chief Operating Officer), Dr. Bridget Amory (Superintendent), Guest, Laura Manges (Director of Human Resources), Jennifer Hallman (Director of Student Services), Dr. Kelly Carvajal Hageman (Chief Academic Officer)





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District Profile - State Report Card

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