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Milford School District uses various platforms to communicate information to students and families. During the school year, parents/guardians should update contact information and/or home phone number to the school if changes have been made.  This will allow for parents/guardians to receive notification services


Blackboard Connect
MSD utilizes an automated calling system, Blackboard Connect, to facilitate communication with families. The system enables the district to alert families when school is cancelled, give updates about important events, delays, and deliver communication during emergencies. 

Phone Calls:
  • Phone calls are made to the phone number listed as primary in the eSchool database at each school.
  • To update a phone number and/or change the primary number, please contact the school's main office staff
  • Once an automated call is answered, it will start again if background noise is detected.  For example, if a dog barks in the background of the listener's phone, then the call will start from the beginning.
  • Emails are often sent with an automated call.
  • Emails will include the same information in the automated call.
  • Email is sent to the primary email listed in the eSchool database at each school.
  • To update an email address and/or change the primary email address, please contact the school's main office staff.
If you have “opting out” of the notification system by pressing “1” at the end of the message, you will no longer receive calls.  If would like to have your phone number restored in the notification system, please call 1.855.502.7867 and follow the directions given.


Talking Points
TalkingPoints is a two-way multilingual family engagement platform that can be used on the web and mobile app.  Teachers and Principals use this as a means of communications to families in addition to Blackboard Connect.  Please note, delays and closures will not be communicated through TalkingPoints.